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The VIP Pass that gets you job interviews.

Get Endorsed™ and demonstrate your job readiness for your dream roles.

Applications open 10th Oct, 2023.

Open to students / alumni of select institutions with less than 5 years of experience

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Why get Endorsed?

Successful candidates get Endorsed™ as a result of qualifying a highly selective process run by a panel of industry veterans.

The process empowers you to demonstrate that you can do the job - by doing what the job requires and then demonstrating that in front of the panel.

The 'Endorsed  X Professional' (EXP) - where X could be Management, Software Engineering or Data Science credential also empowers you to stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn with the unbiased recommendations earned by you.

List of eligible colleges

Students and graduates from top 100 management, engineering and non-tech colleges in NIRF rankings are eligible. You can find a detailed list here. We will open the endorsement to other colleges soon.

You are eligible if your graduation year is 2021 or later.

What is the process to get Endorsed?

To get Endorsed, you are evaluated by a panel of industry experts.

All the industry experts come with 8+ years of experience and work at some of India's best companies such as Amazon, BCG, Flipkart, Fidelity, Tiger Analytics and 100+ other companies.

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